Kim Reid

Kim is a passionate wellness and business coach that supports women to live a life they love. Kim is the Founder of The Freedom Tribe and believes that the collaborative business model is perfect for millennial entrepreneurs.

Since starting The Freedom Tribe, Kim has created a business that provided the freedom to travel for 6 months with her husband and 3 children. Kim now works from home around her family and flexible lifestyle.



Rachel perEira

A yoga teacher, mum and soul-centered marketer, Rachel believes that life is a precious opportunity and no one should wait for retirement to live the life they want to. So uplifting women, teaching about the paths to freedom and deep inner work... these are a few of her favourite things.

Virginia Angelidis

Virginia is a beauty therapist who initially fell in love with essential oils while using them to support her emotions. A simple sample of Balance was all it took to create this love affair.

She is really passionate about utilising the natural oils and product in her salon and reducing the toxic load in her home. She has always been creative and an avid DIYer and this just blossomed when essential oils were introduced to her.

Virginia and her husband Al enjoy sharing the oily love and business opportunity with new people. They love to inspire others to take a more proactive approach to their health and wellbeing, naturally.



Erin is extremely passionate about health - having worked as a Chiropractor for over 10 years, she loves sharing her passion for wellness with others. She has created a successful business sharing her love for essential oils, while balancing her time raising her three children.

Erin finds it enlightening watching families transform their lives into happier, healthier versions of themselves through the use of essential oils.

One of Erin's greatest joys is supporting other women to fulfil their dreams of running their own successful businesses while having the freedom to thrive in other areas of their lives.



Carmel is a botanist, wife, mum of 3, and a change maker for a sustainable future. She loves all things outdoors, exploring this beautiful country in Australia and living closer to nature.

Carmel describes meeting The Freedom Tribe as serendipitous and it has set her life on a higher pathe that she always felt drawn towards. She strives to live her life with playful curiosity and concious purpose. She believes we are all called to make our highest contribution.



Carlee Modra

Carlee is passionate about the healing powers of nature and empowering women through feminine leadership to create complete time and financial freedom for themselve and their families. 

Carlee works with families to break free from the shackles of 9-5 living, start conciously creating the life they dream of and confidently pursue their higher purpose in life.

She is currently travelling the world with her husband and 3 kids, all while building her doTERRA business.



After owning a business broking business for 15 years Anastasia is very knowledgeable in recognising a success business plan. Once starting a family her main focus was to be able to be successful yet be a present mother. Anastasia runs a successful doTERRA business from home, which as a mum allows her to not miss a thing. 

Anastasia is passionate about supporting others to run a successful business and create freedom!




Alicia is a mother of two young children, Charlie and Fletcher. The doTERRA oils fit perfectly into Alicia's young family and she feels so empowered being able to support her families wellbeing.

Alicia was a stay-at-home mum for 5 years and knew it was time to start looking at getting back to work, but like a lot of mums felt the pull to stay home with her family while still having financial freedom.

When Alicia saw what the doTERRA business had to offer, she knew it was right for her and is so grateful for everything it has brought to her families lives. 


Andrea is a soul searcher, widow, wife, mum and teacher. She is passionate about helping people find their inner passion and power. Through a 10 year grief journey Andrea begun to realise how important supporting people's emotional and mental health is. Understanding her heart and mind, ego and soul while incorporating natural and spiritual practices has been life changing. Andrea's mission is to support as many people, especially women, to FIND their truth and live it.



Bec & Amanda Sweeney

Amanda is a mum of two and lives in country Victoria with her partner Steve, daughter Grace and son Flynn. Amanda has spent the last few years building a health and wellness business and website named My Best Me that she co-created with her two sisters, Bec & Amy. Amanda is a qualified Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and Life Coach and has a passion for helping women and girls to learn to love themselves unconditionally. Amanda is now super excited to be building a beautiful heart centred doTERRA business with her sister Bec.

Bec is an entrepreneur at heart and has been committed to being a stay at home/self employed Mum since starting a family 18 years ago. She is from country Victoria and loves her life with her partner of 21 years Razz, their daughter Fin and son Harvey. Bec is a co-founder of online wellness website My Best Me with her two sisters and is also the owner of a deluxe transportable building company Soulspace Studios. Soulspace Studios see's Bec spending a lot of time working and doTERRA is starting to create the freedom of time and money that she was craving, while also aligning with her mission to help people to be well naturally!

Elise Roberts

Elise loves being able to offer people a natural wellness solution that is so simple and easy to use and can make a huge impact.

Whilst nannying in the USA, Elise was introduced first-hand to essential oils. The family she was looking after used oils to help manage moods and support ailments with the whole family - including their pet dog! Elise was amazed at how effective the oils were. 

Back in Australia, Elise began working in child-care and studying nutrition and Health Coaching at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. While studying, working full-time and trying to set up my own health-coaching business Elise was introduced to doTERRA. Twelve months later, Elise is a full-time Wellness Advocate with doTERRA and has managed to retire from her day job. Elise loves doTERRA oils and working for a company that has such integrity.


Linda Youngman

Linda is really excited to be teaching and supporting others to live a more natural lifestyle. With her fun, high energy personality, she is more passionate than ever to guide others to create a life of abundance, health and happiness beyond their wildest dreams. Linda is dedicated to creating a future of freedom her family.

As a proud mother to three beautiful children, Linda wishes to show them that anything in life can be accomplished if you work hard and set your mind to it. Drawn to live in a world of holistic health, Linda is highly creative and has always had an entrepreneurial mindset, she is now creating a successful doTERRA business while having the privilege to be home and raise her children.


Lindie Anderson

Lindie is a mum of three girls, a nanna to five and a doTERRA leader. Lindie loves sharing doTERRA essential oils with friends and family and is able to grow a residual income to retire on and spend more time with her grandchildren. Lindie feels extremely blessed for the opportunity to grow a beautiful business with doTERRA. 


Sarah Finlay

Sarah is a Wife, Mumma, Spiritual Being & Soulful Sister following her intuition & soul's calling to share with others how they can embrace an Holistic Lifestyle. Based on the belief that true happiness, success, health, balance and peace come through alignment of the mind, body & spirit. Sharing all the amazing tools she uses, she wants to support others to start changing their lives and start living a life they truly love.

Marilyn WaLters

Marilyn is a mum of two beautiful girls and has an amazing husband who encourages and allows her to follow her wildest dreams. Marilyn has been in the health and fitness industry for 15 years and has always been passionate about teaching people how to live a better life through optimum nutrition and regular exercise.

Marilyn and her husband Luke and live a holistic lifestyle and believe wholeheartedly that living naturally is helping to create a lifetime of wellness and longevity. Being able to pass this on to their beautiful children and to the rest of the world, feels absolutely amazing.

doTERRA Essential Oils and building a doTERRA biz has been a life changing experience for Marilyn and her family. She loves to be able to share the oils with the world and empower others to take control of their health and wellbeing. To awaken others so that they too can share in all the goodness of superior health.




Kayla is a registered nurse who's passion lies within the function & anatomy of the human body.

Kayla loves to push the boundaries and challenge her training background of western medicine. She hope to one day see essential oils incorporated into hospital patient care, and encourage more people to do away with chemicals and synthetic products and take a more natural approach to their healthcare.


Kerry Anderson

Kerry is a mum of three with her husband Trent living in Traralgon. Alyssa, Tyler & Tess are involved in a large sporting community. Kerry has done 30 years hairdressing and didn't believe anything would come close to her passion for that. Raising children with various health challenges doTerra oils compliment her family well. 

The opportunity to blend essential oils and plant based hair products excites her passion to educate the next generation to live clean lifestyles.



Meagan Clarke

Meagen is a mumma of three, soul seeker and teacher. She is passionate about supporting emotions with essential oils and tuning into the simple things in life. Her year trip around Australia with her young family called Little Tribe of Five was where her love of essential oils was born and the need to create a simple life was nurtured. 

Building her doTerra business has aligned her love of nature, making connections and being present.

Tahlia & Clay Esler

Super passionate about their family life, Tahlia and Clay love being able to raise their family naturally with essential oils! They enjoy nurturing and nourishing their family to be healthy and happy and love the fact that they can teach others how to do the same.

Tahlia's passion lies in mums and bubs and DIY and Clays in men's health and allowing families to realise that there is a better way through natural solutions. 

Excited by what doTerra brings to their life, Tahlia and Clay get to enjoy the things that are important to them; family, health and helping others.



Wendy O'Donnell

Wendy is a wife, a Mum and a Nanny to 4 beautiful grandchildren that light up her life. She started her career as a hairdresser for 30+ years, adding becoming a PT as well about 10 years ago.

Her passion has always been to help people feel great about themselves, and so doTerra has brought that desire to a whole new level. Being able to help support people physically & emotionally with these beautiful oils really set her soul on fire. 

She loves that she has the opportunity to share these oils with her friends & family whilst building a successful doTerra business, working from home, creating more financial freedom for her and her husband Gary.

Crystal Goodwin

A successful business woman even prior to doTerra, Crystal works full time as the director of 7 Physio/Occupational Therapy practised around Melbourne. 

Crystal was not looking for another business opportunity but doTerra found her. A beautiful product, combined with a generous business model and a company that holds it's integrity above all else made the decision to enter the world of network marketing an easy one.

Crystal's greatest goal is supporting her team to financial freedom.



Rani Darby

Rani is a Wife and Mumma who is committed to living her life from heart-centred, authentic and loving place. The Freedom Tribe has been such a perfect fit for her as a young Mum on the hunt for a loving tribe and a more natural way to take care of her family.

Since starting her own business she has not only helped to move her family toward living a life of freedom and abundance but also reawakened her own passions, desires and rediscovered what it feels like to be truly inspired by life. She loves to empower other women and Mumma’s to feel like they to can achieve what their hearts call them to do.


Heather Schmidt

Heather loves being in charge of her own destiny, choosing how much she earns and when. She loves a challenge, adventure and spontaneity, not much gets in her way when she decides to do something, like walking on fire in 2017 at Tony Robbins.

She has a love of science and is studying for the first time, Aromatherapy with Acoa and Health Science at The Southern School of Natural Therapies. She wants to empower people with knowledge and choice, to inspire curiosity and be a shining example that anyone can achieve anything if they truly believe and take action.


Sharon JONES

Sharon is an Occupational Therapist, a Mum and a passionate advocate for all things health and wellness. She fell in love with doTerra immediately and finds total joy and fulfillment in educating and inspiring others to incorporate natural solutions into their lives and daily routines.

Sharon leads her team with passion and connectedness and is so grateful for doTerra for this empowering opportunity to create total freedom and abundance for herself and daughter, while supporting other like-minded entrepreneurs to raise their self-belief and resolution, manifest dreams and realise their own true state of happiness as well.


Annie is a mum to 2 boys, a radiographer and advocate for natural solutions for health. So grateful for the business opportunities doTERRA offers and the notion that the next generation of kids will be reaching for essential oils for their health (and wealth) rather than pharmaceuticals.



jacklyn mahony

Jacklyn has a Bachelor of Education and was a Primary School Teacher for over 15 years. She founded Yes2Yoga – for kids in 2014 and has developed a wellbeing workshops for children. She has studied in numerous well renowned health and wellness modalities and is an accredited Journey Practitioner and TRE Trainer. Jacklyn run Soulful Day Retreats for women with her sister, that are dedicated to women to re-charge. Re-align and re-connect. She knows that doTERRA’s Essential Oils have truly enriched all her programs and therefore she is dedicated to sharing the with others.

Sugandha Bhargava Chapman

Sugandha Chapman (Sig) is a Holistic Health + Mindset Coach, mama of two cheeky kids, and founder of The Glow Revolution and My Organic Child and Silver leader with doTERRA. Her businesses have been built on the belief that if you want to give light to others you must first find the flow within yourself and that kindness is the ultimate thing we can teach our kids.

doTERRA is the perfect complement to her work and she loves nothing more than seeing women step into their full potential.



Sashe and Michelle Rizovski

Both Sashe and Michelle began a journey of self- discovery after finding their lives were not living up to their expectations, this journey has brought them to discover the powerful healing benefits of Doterra’s Essential oils. They quickly jumped in and immersed themselves in all things oils, this included changing the way they look after the health of their two gorgeous children, “Oils have just become a way of life for us”.

This passion for the oils has seen them jump in full throttle and commence the business side, which has opened so many doors, they thought previously closed. Sashe resigned from his six figure income of 21 years in October 2017 to pursue their passion in the health and wellness industry. Both Sashe and Michelle work to their strengths in their different interests giving them the ability to reach a broader market. Sashe and Michelle’s goals and dreams now are to empower as many people around the world as possible on how to use and get the most out of essential oils, empowering people to take their health into their own hands, to do humanitarian work in developing nations and purchase their long awaited farm so they may start running retreats, healing circles and create a place for anyone who needs a safe place, where than they can express themselves without fear of judgement, a place where you can be empowered to expand and grow. A place full of loving light.

Jo Gieschen

Jo is a Health and PE teacher with over 15 years experience educating young adults. She is passionate about helping to empower others to create health and harmony through a proactive and preventative lifestyle. Jo and her young family are lovers of sport and the great outdoors, and embrace simple life and family experiences that caravanning in this great country provides.

Jo feels so blessed for the opportunities doTERRA has given her to be able to share her passion for holistic health whilst also giving her the flexibility to be more present with her husband and three kids. She will be forever grateful for meeting beautiful like minded souls in this business, and for the opportunity to truly help and empower others.



Ashleigh Cooney

It was in June of 2017 when I received my monthly doTERRA wellness box that I spotted the Uluru incentive trip postcard. My partner Kim had recently been appointed a new job 4 hours away so we were moving and I thought what better time to start something new for myself. I had been using doTERRA products for 2 years myself prior to this and would support my friends who were using it with ideas and suggestions. Within 4 months of making sure I had 100pv in my cart I ranked at SILVER and am now participating in Diamond Club. I am loving the personal growth doTERRA has provided me with and the opportunities to connect and reconnect with friends and family. Empowerment is a big driving force for me with my doTERRA business, both for myself and others.

Matt John Bond

Matt prides himself on living in the moment and supporting others to do the same. With a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science and 10 years experience in the health, fitness and recreation industry, his passion lies in supporting others to find balance, sustainability and wellbeing in their own lifestyle.

Matt and his partner, Sebastian are building a life of experiences and positive challenges to grow themselves and found that working with doTERRA has created the perfect avenue to continue to share this journey with others around them.



Lisa Henry

Lisa is a wife and mumma of 3 who’s passion is nourishing her family through wholefoods and sharing her love of everything health and wellness with the world.

Lisa first stumbled across Essential Oils to help support her families general well being and knew straight away that these natural alternatives had a message that needed to be shared.

Maree Mahoney

Maree is a Registered Nurse and has a diploma in Critical Care nursing. After 14 years in the nursing profession Maree’s love of self development led her to become a Kinesiologist. Maree runs Soulful Day Retreats for women with her sister. She also practices Reiki and is a Journey Practitioner.

Maree uses doTerra on a daily basis personally. She has introduced doTerra into all aspects of healing with her clients and loves the fact that they continue to empower them well after the session.



Lisa Stephens

Lisa is passionate about her journey with dōTERRA as it has been the catalyst for her to find her calling and incorporate all of her passions into one business. Lisa has a background in early childhood services and is a mother to 3 beautiful boys.
Lisa and her husband Craig have always kept their family connected to nature whilst living on the farm in Gippsland, this has created a grounding base for Lisa to embrace her gifts and work flexibly with farm life during her family’s journey to financial freedom.  dōTERRA has allowed Lisa the opportunity to follow her dreams of working with people in a heart centered business that is both soul nourishing and good for our planet


Kristin Murphy

Kristin is a mama of three, free spirit and loves the entrepreneur lifestyle and the flexibility it offers stay at home mums, after running her own online business for the past 7 years.
She finds joy from educating and empowering families on how to live a low toxic lifestyle using the beautiful DōTERRA Essential Oils, just as she has been able to with her family.
Kristin is passionate about living a life that you love and one that is free from time and financial constraints, which is what lead her to the The Freedom Tribe & dōTERRA business.


   Rebecca Collins

Beck is very family oriented and loves spending time with her 3 kids and husband exploring nature’s natural beauty and travelling our big beautiful country Australia. Wanting to spend more time together as a family, doTERRA has given her the freedom and opportunity to have a successful business while being able to support her family’s well being.

Been brought up with a holistic approach to health as a child she has fallen in love with doTERRA’s amazing oils and products. She’s very passionate about helping people and loves empowering others on their journey to a more natural and holistic approach to looking after themselves.


Victoria Dunham

Hello, my name is Victoria, I am Firefighter wife and mother of two. I started my doTERRA business with a toddler and newborn in tow. I was motivated to create a home based business so I could raise my children whilst earning an income for our family.
After travelling the world throughout my 20’s and early 30’s with my husband and knowing what freedom felt like, the 9-5 gig was never an option.  
Creating a safe, non toxic environment for my family to grow was important to me and I am now empowering women all over the world to do the same.
Connecting and working alongside motivated and heart driven women
and men, has been life changing. I am so excited to build a global
business to give me, my husband and my children endless opportunities.


Genevieve Hunt

Becoming a mother transformed Genevieve's life. It has set her on a life changing path to health, consciousness and wellness. When Genevieve discovered there was a way she could create a low-tox household as well as a natural alternative to her families health and wellbeing, she instantly fell in love with dōTERRA.

Genevieve's mission is to educate and empower others so families all around the world can create amazing changes in their lives with dōTERRA.

Carmen King


Wife, mother to 3 babes under 4, and huge believer in the power of nature, the earth, and our bodies for energy, vitality, and lifelong health. For the last fifteen years I have been an advocate for clean eating and the mammoth benefits this can have to our emotional and physical health and longevity. Since adding essential oils into our daily lives, I have noticed the incredible support they give to us emotionally, physically and spiritually. They are so amazing that I have grown a passion to share them with everyone I know! I am so excited to share dōTERRA with others and introduce them to the amazing benefits and pleasures they can bring to our families' lives on a daily basis.


Kristen is a wife, Mum and Primary School Teacher who finds joy and satisfaction in helping others. She first started using doTERRA essential oils to support the health of her family and create a low-tox lifestyle and quickly began sharing them with friends and family.
This naturally developed into building a doTERRA business and now she has found her passion in empowering others to support their family’s health and wellbeing by teaching them how to incorporate these amazing oils into their daily life.



I am a wife and a mummy of a beautiful 3 year old girl, I have a wonderful supportive husband that wants me to chase my dreams. I am passionate about making a difference in people’s life’s through my own experiences. I am real I am loving and hold family close to my heart, I cant wait to see what the future looks like with doTERRA.


Clare Parks

Clare is a busy mother of 4 energetic children. She also works as a high school teacher and operates a successful Thermomix business alongside her doTERRA business. With such a busy lifestyle, I would be totally lost without the support of doTERRA essential oils. I was introduced to essential oils through my thermomix business as I used them for natural food flavouring and fell in love. I was amazed, time and time again, at how well they worked and my family fell in love with these magic oils. I am passionate about helping other busy families live more natural, toxin-free lives. I choose doTERRA mainly because of the purity of the oils, the diversity in the oil range and their amazing community spirit.

Bianca Murphy

I absolutely love life, people and fun! My household is a crazy nest for 4 teenagers and a shift working husband of 22 years. As a qualified hairdresser I  am privileged to meet so many beautiful souls and hear their life stories, I become a part of their life offering to give them a fresh look and my oils absolutely compliments this. My oil journey began when my mum became ill  , now my whole family enjoy the benefits .I love to hear when one of my clients or friends are able to breathe a little easier or sleep a little better because of one tiny drop. To give joy is my biggest pleasure.



Mum of two and around the clock holiday park manager in Hervey Bay QLD. My family have always been a bit wonderlust, follow the sun type peeps. We love to travel and my deep passion and interests are health & wellness. I am also formally trained in meditation & Holistic Counselling and Massage and I have a deep interest into an holistic and natural approach to health. My love for doTERRA aligned so well with and my vision for what a fulfilled life is all about. I love educating people on the simple uses of plant based natural alternatives and showing people just how amazing these oils can benefit us. These oils have helped support our family so much with mental health. I'm just so grateful to be on this journey.

Team-Profile-Photo-Kate and Hayley.png


We are Kate & Hayley, together we have grown our little 'side business' into a real passion. With 6 children between us (that doesn't include our husbands haha) and busy lives like everyone else we are super excited to keep building our business into its full potential. What started as a way to get our oils for free has become a way to earn an income and we couldn't be happier!



Di is extremely passionate about health and wellness particularly nutrition and women’s health. She is a Nutrition, Health & Hormone Coach with a background in massage therapy, fitness, nutrition, weight management and women’s hormonal imbalances. Di is inspired to help educate people to improve and enhance their health and wellbeing for life, to thrive not just survive, one that empowers individuals to find a healthy balanced lifestyle.
Since being introduced to doTerra, Di loves sharing the oils and offering people natural wellness solutions and working & collaborating with other like minded people and building a successful business with integrity and heart.



Victoria is a registered nurse, mother of two wonderful boys & has an amazing supportive husband.  Victoria first fell in love with essential oils when she was introduced to them through a friend. She began using them to help assist her children's immunity & sleep. With a paediatric back ground Victoria is very passionate about how these wonderful oils can support children's well-being as well as incorporating them in to every day DIY cleaning to create a low tox lifestyle. Victoria looks forward to supporting & leading others to success & creating awareness for the many benefits of these wonderful oils.


Jacqui Pitman

Jacqui is a Women’s Transition Coach and doTERRA Leader. She works with women privately through coaching and ceremonies, with oily magic spread throughout.

doTERRA and The Freedom Tribe came in to Jacqui’s life when she was feeling misaligned and seeking a collaborative community, now she spends her days working with and alongside incredible humans. doTERRA provides an incredible base which supports her physically, emotionally, environmentally, spiritually and financially



Carla is a passionate advocate for conscious & empowered living.  As a wife & Mum to three beautiful kidlets, Carla loves nothing more than to be down on the beach with her fam - sun on their faces, feet splashing in the waves with sand castles in the making.  Carla loves helping others feel just as empowered as she does in her health & well-being by teaching them how to incorporate essential oils into their lives.  She equally loves mentoring her tribe & watching them achieve their goals as their share these oils with heart & authenticity. Nothing lights her up more than knowing the amazing things that can
be achieved together with her beautiful team.


I am Nadine. I am an orthobionomist,  kahuna massage therapist & mental health nurse. My working life is supporting & empowering people to heal themselves & to become conscious. The oils have been an incredible support to my work & are well embraced by clients. I love using the oils for their vibrational effect on the spirit, as well as recognising their divine intelligence to aid physical healing. My growth in doterra has come from a belief in the power of the oils & trust in the company. My family have been the most immense support in getting the foundations for my business set up. 

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